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ANT (Advanced Net Tools) is now FREE Software! When we say free software, we don't mean that you get to try it out for a limited time. We don't mean that you get a less functional demo version. We don't mean that you get to look at advertisements on the software while you use it. We mean that ANT is now absolutely FREE Software! No strings attached! There is no spyware involved, there are no advertsements and no limitations, only the best software from the best small software company for the best price, FREE!

We have decided that charging people for utility software such as the kind that we create is not a very good business model. The only way that we can really make money and keep people happy in the process is to give our software away for free and to use Google to show advertisements on our own web site pages. We will not show you any advertisements in the software, the only thing that we ask of you is that when you are visiting our help documentation on our web site or any articles you may find on DreamSys Software's web site, you give consideration to the people for whom we advertise.

At DreamSys Software, we believe in developing quality software and believe that bad software is one of the major causes of stress with people who work in the computer industry. We feel that with this business model, and the support of our users, we can make all of your software products available to everyone as free software and still be able to maintain our commitment to developing quality software for quality professionals. Click the downloads link on the left to download the latest free version.

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