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DNS Lookup Help

DNS Lookup is an advanced DNS lookup utility. You can lookup the IP address of a hostname by selecting Query Type A, you can also select from many other types of DNS querys including ANY, MX, NS, PTR, NOA.

Let's say you want to find out what email server hosts a domain's email. First you will enter the domain in the "Host" field, then you select query type MX. If you wish to specify a different DNS server to do the lookup, or if you are having problems with the default one, you may enter the IP address in the "DNS Server" field. You can find out which DNS server you should be using by viewing the "IP Configuration Information" avaiable in ANT.
Now click the "Lookup" button. This will display the DNS information in the text field below. You will see the host that handles the mail in the "Record Type: MX" returned, there are sometimes multiple MX records returned. There are also sometimes many other record types returned including type NS records for the name servers and type A records that lookup the hostname of the MX record returned.

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