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This software is designed to help those who are learning Chinese. It is especially helpful for those learning Mandarin Chinese. The software comes with a default database of Chinese words and allows you to customize and share your dictionary with other users. Best of all, it's absolutely free! Here is a list of the functionality provided with this free software:

  • Create customized dictionaries - A default dictionary is included with the software, but you are also able to create and manage your own dictionaries.

  • Export & Import dictionaries - This is useful for backing up your dictionary and keeping multiple dictionaries based on user preferences.

  • Create & Manage custom categories - You also have the ability to create your own customized categories for your dictionaries to allow you to keep track of Chinese characters that you have problems with.

  • Custom Flash Cards - You can create your own custom flashcards based on categories that you create or just based on a selected list of words. These will help you understand the Pinyin spellings & pronunciation of the Chinese characters.

  • Multiple Choice Quiz - You can also create your own customized multiple choice quizzes to test your ability to translate chinese characters to english.

  • Share Dictionaries - You have the ability to sumbit your own dictionaries or access dictionaries submitted by other users for import into the software via our Dictionary Submissions page!

  • Customize Font & Windows - You can change the fonts used to display the characters to make them easier to read. The window positions will also be saved to make the software more customizable.

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