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Quiz Dungeon (Math Edition) iPad & iPhone Game

Quiz Dungeon (Math Edition) 1.2 has just been released

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The best math game on the ipad and iphone!

A new math RPG which allows you to defeat knights and slimes with your math skills. Open treasure boxes to win gold and buy weapons and armor to give you more power and defense from your enemies.

An easy game for kids to play and enjoy from ages 4 to teens. Select problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The math problems are geared towards helping you learn your math facts.

It's like using flash cards but you are actually playing a video game in the process, not just looking at boring pictures and animations, but actually playing a FUN GAME!

New in version 1.1
  • Several bug Fixes
  • Questions now start out very easy and get harder as your character increases his level.
Dungeon Scene:

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